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8 Signs Your Furnace Needs a Replacement

As with any other system in your home, it’s important to also watch for the signs your furnace needs a replacement so you know when to call your technician.

If you notice these signs that your furnace is going bad at home, our team can discuss with you all your furnace replacement options!

Most of these warning signs apply to a gas furnace, however, many of these signs can be applied to other heating systems. Sometimes these signs will indicate the need for a repair or a tune-up, while some are more serious and will require a replacement. For more information, here is how to tell if your gas furnace needs a replacement vs a repair and also expected cost of your new furnace.

Now, let’s get into the 8 signs your furnace needs a replacement:

1. The Age of Your Furnace

One of the first tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your furnace is that it’s old.

The average age of a furnace is 15-20 years, however, some models will last longer with proper maintenance.

As such, we recommend checking the age of your heating system by looking at the information on the label attached directly to the unit.

One thing to keep in mind: the issue with heating systems lasting longer than their expected lifespan is that at 20 years the efficiency of the HVAC system is diminished even if the system still works.

You may start noticing that you’re experiencing higher energy bills.

If you’re unsure about your furnace’s age, be sure to check the label, and then contact your local HVAC company for a replacement if needed.

2. Increased Heating Bills

To go along with the first point, as your furnace gets older, it starts to work less efficiently.

Your heating bills will start to increase as the heating system runs more frequently. This uses more fuel, however, it does not always mean more productive heat.

The furnace will run and run, but yet, it still won’t keep your living space comfortable. This is one of the tell-tale signs your furnace is going bad.

3. Strange Furnace Smells

If you’re walking through your basement and noticing a strange lingering odor coming from the direction of your furnace, this could also be a sign your furnace needs to be replaced.

Initially, when your furnace is first installed, it may have a strong smell in the beginning. However, this dissipates after a while.

If your furnace is older, however, or a smell comes out of nowhere, it may be a sign of poor combustion. You won’t be able to smell carbon monoxide, however, the smell you’re likely noticing is Aldehydes, as a result of bad combustion.

4. Gas Leaks

Smell a gas leak? This is an emergency situation.

You will need to contact an HVAC specialist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and/or your gas company that services your area.

Since gas is highly flammable, you will need to turn off your furnace immediately.

It’s also advisable to not stay in your home for long until the situation is resolved by your HVAC and gas company.

Signs Your Furnace Needs a Replacement

5. Odd Noises

Typically, a healthy furnace unit will produce a consistent whirring sound.

However, as your furnace ages, (or if it’s failing altogether), it may make unusual noises such as humming irregularly, rattling, banging, or groaning.

If the noises are persistent, be sure to contact your local trusted furnace company to check the condition of your furnace.

We will take note of the strange sounds coming from your unit and will either recommend a furnace replacement or repair/maintenance service.

6. Pilot Flame Color Changes

The correct color of a gas furnace pilot flame is a vibrant or bright blue color.

When the pilot light color changes, this is an indicator that carbon monoxide is not being pushed away from the system as it is supposed to.

A yellow flame or when a flame is flickering are clear signs that the gas is not burning properly. Dirty or partially blocked systems can produce this.

If your pilot flame is yellow instead of blue, you should check with a skilled furnace technician to assess the condition of your overall furnace.

7. Uneven Heating

Another sign your furnace may be getting too old is that it’s starting to heat your home poorly. You may start noticing that your home is no longer heating at a consistent temperature.

A well-functioning furnace won’t produce cold and hot patches around the house. We aren’t referring, of course, to the basement vs the upstairs (as your basement will be cooler than the upstairs), but rather to the various rooms in your living space upstairs.

For example, if your living room stays warm, but your dining room is often cold and doesn’t seem to ever be well-heated, it could be a sign you need a furnace replacement.

If certain rooms in your house just won’t warm up, contact Modern HVAC to get your new furnace installed! For further reading, check out this article about the 5 types of furnaces for your home.

8. Difficulty Starting Your Furnace

Our last sign your furnace needs a replacement is when it’s having a hard time starting up.

Typically, having issues on startup is yet another sign of old age. Overall, if you’re noticing that it’s taking multiple attempts to start your furnace, or you have to restart it multiple times a day, then it’s time to call a technician.

Reasons why your furnace may be having a hard time starting up may be due to: dirty furnace filters, indoor A/C coils, heat exchangers, or flame sensors.

Read More: Is It A Problem If My Furnace Starts and Stops Repeatedly?

Furnace Replacement - Flame Sensor

Does Your Furnace Need a Replacement? Contact Us!

If you’ve ruled out your standard or programmable thermostat being the issue, the 8 signs above that indicate your furnace is going bad definitely mean that it’s time to replace it. If you would like to schedule a furnace replacement or speak with a trusted, award-winning, local HVAC company, give our heating and cooling experts a call!

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