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Heating and Cooling Guide - Step 1

A/C Maintenance Tips

The last thing a homeowner wants is a malfunctioning air conditioning unit in the middle of summer’s heat. Fortunately, there are some easy tasks you can perform to maintain your unit to help it last longer and prevent an emergency call to your local HVAC company this summer. Use these A/C maintenance tips and tricks…

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What to Know Before Installing a Furnace

Is it a Problem if My Furnace Repeatedly Stops and Starts?

Why Does My Furnace Start Then Stop and Start Again? Are you experiencing an issue with your furnace where it stops and starts again – repeatedly? You may not have to worry as most heating and furnace systems don’t run constantly but rather cycle on and off about 3-8 times an hour. However, if you…

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10 Air Conditioning Myths That are Costing You Money

We all have heard that in order to stay comfortable within your home when humidity turns the air sticky, you must set your AC thermostat at the lowest level, purchase the largest unit available, or close off vents to save energy and money. However, keeping your house warmer than average when you are away and…

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